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Saints Row: DriveBy
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de Blob 2
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Infinity Gauntlet
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Dynasty Warrior
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Nokia 8800 Arte
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AceKard 3 first true Nintendo 3DS flash card from the team Ace that brougt You the original NDS Ace Kard and all time favorites like AK2i and AK2.1
 EZ-Flash 3DS great EZ flash card at an affordable price from EZflash team that has a history of designing good cards for GBA, SP, DS and DSi.
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Gateway 3DS (GW3DS) Game Backup Cartridge.

Make backup copies of games and play them from ONE cardridge! Enable features like homebrew gaming, cheat codes and 3DS Custom Firmware!

Gateway 3DS R4 rom backup card

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The new Nintendo 3DS Game Cards also known as N3DS Cartridges.
At E3 the big N revealed that Nintendo 3DS will have its own separate Game Cards. The Game Card Nintendo 3DS showed will at its release have a 2 GB max capacity, that is much larger than the Nintendo DS / DSi  Game Card, but similar to the R4SD flash cards that have been used by DS homebrew fans and will sure be tested buy 3DS owners. It assumed that this Game Card was designed to to stop piracy. It is known that anyone can "hack" Nintendo DS simply and without much knowledge, by just purchasing a R4 SDHC card adapter and copying NDS files from the Internet (no real hacking involved and DS does not even have to be modified to run pirated game backups a.k.a. NDS roms).

R4 3DS Card

- Nintendo 3DSCompatible R4 3DS Flash Cartridges »

There are people who buy the Nintendo DS and will buy 3DS, with the sole purpose of running game backups on it, and having an extensive library of all DS / 3DS games on its for free. The is speculation about Nintendo is again trying the battle widespread piracy in the fan-base and stop it with the introduction of its new Nintendo 3DS Game Card, but it will not be as easy at it looks. First of 3DS comes with backward compatibility and as such it will run DS and DSi game cards, so R4DS, R4i SDHC, AceKard 2i, EZ-Flash 3, CycloDS, SuperCard DSONE and DSTWO will all be able to run Nintendo DS games on the 3DS. Also 3DS game cards are near identical to NDS cartridges except for a little tab on the right side corner that is there for ONE purpose only -- to prevent you from inserting a 3DS game into a DSi that does not support it and than calling Nintendo and complaining that the game does not work. But there is nothing preventing you from putting DS cartridges into 3DS and as with DS that initially could play NDS roms (game backups) from a rewritable Gameboy Advance cartridge also known as GBA Flash Linker card so will 3DS will first be attacked by R4DS flash cards that will be backward compatible with all versions of 2D DS and will attempt to brake 3DS copy protection.

SuperCard 3DS new SuperCard 3 DS for 3D games. Successor to the DSONE and DSTWO DSi flash cards and iPlayer movie card for the DS. 3DS flash cards for Nintendo DS game card backups on SD card. Free micro game card case with import suppliers and manufacturers.
Cyclo3DS best backup device that money can buy comes at a price bigger than others. Delivers on all of its promises. Good support and exelent build quality.

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Dead or Alive 3D
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Star Fox 64 3D
Marvel Super Hero Squad
Kaboom of Doom
The Sims 3
Lovely Lisa 3D
Naruto Shippuden Action
Madden NFL 3DS
Samurai Warriors 3D
Ninja Gaiden 3DS
Super Street Fighter IV 3D
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Resident Evil Revelations
3D remake of the latest RE game for Nintendo
Cubic ninja
Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike, Driver Renegade Hollywood 61
DJ Hero 3D
Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy
The Penguins of Madagascar